On June 30, 2006, the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System Act, 2006 (OMERS Act, 2006) changed the OMERS governance model to an independent one. Replacing the Province as sponsor, the OMERS Sponsor Corporation (SC) is directed by current and former members, and local government organizations that employ them.

The SC has the final say on plan design (the structure and type of benefits offered) and contribution rate changes. These types of decisions require a two-thirds majority of the SC.

The OMERS Act, 2006 continued the existing OMERS Corporation as the OMERS Administration Corporation (AC) responsible for pension administration, investment strategy, investments and preparation of the Plan valuation.

The SC has equal numbers of member and employer representatives, and determines the composition of both Boards. The OMERS AC has 14 members nominated by OMERS employer sponsors and nominated by employee sponsors. Plus, an independent Board Chair for a total of 15 members.

Administration Corporation (AC)

Learn about the role and structure of the AC, access biographies of our Board of Directors, and review past meeting summaries.
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Sponsors Corporation (SC)

Learn about the role and responsibilities of the SC.
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Memorandum of Understanding

Learn about the Memorandum of Understanding that supports regular and appropriate information exchange between the AC and the SC.
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OMERS Act 2006, and Plan Texts

The OMERS Act, 2006 outlines our governance model. Plan Texts govern how the OMERS pension plans are administered.
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Member Affiliation Summary

OMERS members belong to a wide variety of union and association groups.
Learn about the affiliation breakdown of our active membership.

Governance Manual

This Governance Manual sets out a framework how the AC Board and Management share responsibility for the successes of the AC. The governance documents are built on a foundation of partnership, equality, accountability, candour and clarity.
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Policies and Guidelines

Learn about the policies and guidelines that dictate how we conduct business, including proxy voting, governance and privacy.
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Ethics Hotline

Committed to exceeding corporate best practices in everything we do, we have established an Ethics Hotline as part of our Code of Conduct and Ethics.
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