Research and Analysis

Rigorous research and in-depth analysis are core components of OMERS competitive advantage in delivering superior investment returns. The two major sides of the OMERS investment landscape, public and private market investments, have built substantial research teams with dedicated resources in all major asset classes.

On the public markets side, OMERS Capital Markets boasts research capabilities to unlock value both within and across public markets. This includes industry-leading teams in:

  • Macroeconomic research and business cycle analysis;
  • Strategic and tactical asset allocation;
  • Fixed income, corporate credit and currencies; and,
  • Fundamental and quantitative equities.

In addition to driving investment returns, top-notch research combines with a strong internal risk management competency to deliver optimal portfolio returns within an appropriate level of risk for the OMERS pension plan.

OMERS private market investment entities are equipped to address the complete range of issues encountered in real estate, infrastructure and private equity investing. From macroeconomic research on economic conditions important to asset class performance, to market specific research on issues such as regulatory regimes, OMERS private investment teams deliver the kind of value-added insights that are critical to sound investment decisions. OMERS private market investment teams have developed significant knowledge and expertise in their specific asset classes. Ongoing collaboration with the research teams on the public markets side ensures a well-rounded research capacity across the OMERS enterprise.

Finally, OMERS partners with world-class external research providers who are employed when necessary to supplement our internal expertise and to ensure best-in-class due diligence is applied to all decisions.