Proxy Voting Record

OMERS Policy Regarding Disclosure of Proxy Votes

OMERS votes its proxies and posts its voting record as soon as practicable after the end of that month.
We report on all Canadian and U.S. votes.

January 2017 [56 KB]

December 2016 [33 KB]

November 2016 [40 KB]

October 2016 [40 KB]

September 2016 [340 KB]

August 2016 [38 KB]

July 2016 PDF File[507 KB]

June 2016 PDF File[564 KB]

May 2016 PDF File[741 KB]

April 2016 PDF File[617 KB] 

March 2016 PDF File[493 KB]

February 2016 PDF File[78 KB]