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Question 1

Jack is retiring on July 31. On August 1, his first OMERS pension payment will be deposited into his bank account. To celebrate retirement, he and his wife will be heading out on a trip across Canada. Jack has 20 days of unused sick time, which his employer is paying out in a lump sum. His retirement date will not be changed to include the 20 days.

Should the lump-sum payment for the 20 days of unused sick time be included in Jack’s contributory earnings?

Maybe – depends on the collective agreement for Jack’s union

Question 2

Under an employer’s new insurance provider, insurance premiums are taxable and paid by the employer. The previous provider’s premiums were not taxable. Should the employer include the new premiums in their members’ contributory earnings?


Question 3

What are the acceptable methods for calculating OMERS credited service?

Minutes, Years, Weeks
Calendar days, Hours, Weeks
Calendar days, Earnings, Minutes

Question 4

What’s the key to correctly calculating credited service for members?

Using the same method for all members within the same employee class
Asking members what method they prefer and documenting their response
Using the same method for all your employees

Question 5

Jack and Jill went up the hill to work for the same OMERS employer. Jack is continuous full-time (CFT), working 34 hours a week as an outside worker. Jill is a manager, working CFT for 36 hours a week. If they both work for one year, will they both earn one year of OMERS credited service?


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