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OMERS Governance: to be reviewed by Tony Dean
Employer News 58 - June 2012

Tony Dean Appointed to Review OMERS Governance Model

On May 15, Kathleen Wynne, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced on her Ministry’s website that Mr. Tony Dean will carry out an independent review of the governance model which was created for OMERS by the Ontario Legislature in 2006.

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Reservist Leave Plan Change

The OMERS Sponsors Corporation has approved a Plan change that will allow employers to share in the cost of a member’s "reservist leave."

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myOMERS - Helps Employers and Members

Employers and members continue to benefit from myOMERS since its launch in late 2009. This secure, online tool enables members to access their OMERS information, including AVCs, which helps to cut down the number of requests made to employers.

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