How To Apply for Your OMERS Pension

In this section, you'll find out everything you need to know about the various types of OMERS retirement pensions, and how to apply for one.

How to Apply for Your OMERS Pension

Your pension will not automatically start when you reach retirement age. You need to submit an application to OMERS. Here's how:

  • If you are currently working for an OMERS employer, ask them to submit a Form 143 – Request for an OMERS plan benefit on your behalf; or
  • If you left your OMERS employer but kept your pension with OMERS, complete and submit a Form 144 – Application for retirement pension – deferred members PDF File (16 KB); or
  • Notify OMERS in writing. Your letter should include:

    your full name, address and phone number;
    OMERS membership number or social insurance number;
    your former employer's name;
    the benefit you are applying for and the date it should be effective;
    your signature (we must have your signature to process your request).

Early Retirement Pension

An important consideration is whether your early retirement pension will be unreduced (no adjustment) or reduced (with an adjustment).

The first thing you need to retire early and start your OMERS pension is to meet the minimum age requirement. That is, you must be within 10 years of your normal retirement age:

  • Age 55 for normal retirement age 65 (most OMERS members)
  • Age 50 for normal retirement age 60 (most police officers and firefighters).

Early Retirement Pension (No Adjustment)

You may qualify for an unreduced pension if you meet the minimum age requirement and:

  • your age + service Factor equals 90 (for normal retirement age 65); or
  • your age + service Factor equals 85 (for normal retirement age 60); or
  • you have 30 years of service (credited + eligible service) in the OMERS plan.

Please let us know if you think you have eligible service that can be included as part of your service.

Early Retirement Pension (With an Adjustment)

If you have not reached 30 years of service or the 90 or 85 Factor, you may be able to retire with an adjusted pension. We apply a three-point test to maximize your early retirement pension.

Your pension will be reduced by 5% for each year you're short of the least of:

  • Your early retirement Factor minus your actual age + years of service;
  • 30 years of service minus your actual years of service; or
  • Your normal retirement age minus your actual age.

Here's how the three point test works:

John's normal retirement age is 65.
John's actual age is 58.
John's normal retirement age minus his actual age 65 – 58 = 7
He has 24 years of credited service. 30 years of service minus John's 24 years of service 30 – 24 = 6
John's age + years of service equal 82. 90 Factor minus John's age + years of service 90 – 82 = 8

The "least" is 6, so John's early retirement adjustment is 5% × 6 = 30%.
John's pension will be reduced by 30%.

Normal Retirement

You are eligible for an OMERS lifetime pension when you reach your normal retirement age.

  • Most OMERS members have a normal retirement age of 65.
  • Most police officers and firefighters have a normal retirement age of 60.

If You Don't Have Much in the OMERS Plan

Under the "small pension rule," if the annual benefit payable from normal retirement date is less than 4% of the annual Canada Pension Plan earnings limit you may choose to take the commuted amount as a lump sum cash refund or transfer it to an RRSP.

What if You Become Terminally Ill?

If you become terminally ill, you may be able to withdraw the cash value of your pension. To be eligible you must:

Please contact OMERS Client Services for more details and to help you complete the process.