Supplemental Plan

The OMERS Supplemental Plan for Police, Firefighters and Paramedics (the "Supplemental Plan") offers optional benefits for members of the police sector, firefighters and paramedics. Supplemental benefits "top up" the pension earned in the OMERS Primary Pension Plan (the "Primary Plan").

General Information

Learn about the enhanced benefits of the Supplemental Plan. 
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Setting Up Coverage

Learn how your employer can set up Supplemental Plan coverage and retroactive coverage.
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Available Benefits

View a comparison of benefits available in the Primary Plan and Supplemental Plan. 
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Benefit Eligibility

Find out if you are eligible for Supplemental Plan benefits. 
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How the Pension Is Calculated

Find out how Supplemental Plan benefits are calculated. 
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Service Purchases

Find out about service purchases both before and during Supplemental Plan coverage. 
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Funding and Contribution Rates

Learn about Supplemental Plan funding and contribution rates and rebound costs. 
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Supplemental Plan Member Handbook

View the Supplemental Plan member handbook, including information on all benefit options. 
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Requesting a Cost Estimate

Learn how to request cost estimates for both future and past OMERS Supplemental Plan service. 
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Supplemental Plan Forms

Access Supplemental Plan forms to apply for past service purchases, change pre-authorized debit instructions and request cost estimates. 
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Request a Supplemental Plan Meeting

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Access past presentations to employers, unions, associations and stakeholders interested in the Supplemental Plan. 
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Supplemental Plan benefits are not automatically provided. Employers can set up Supplemental Plan coverage for a class or classes of members in the police sector, firefighters and paramedics.

Rate Change Notice

On August 25, 2011, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) adopted SC By-law #25 that establishes a new set of contribution rates for the Supplemental Plan for Police, Firefighters and Paramedics, to be effective retroactive to January 1, 2011. See the announcement and accompanying fact sheet PDF File [199 KB] for details.