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OMERS Retired Member News - Winter 2014 / 2015  - Inflation protection helps to maintain your purchasing power
Retired Member News - Winter 2014/2015 - Issue 57

OMERS pensions to increase 1.80% for 2015

Your pension will go up by 1.80% beginning January 2015. This increase reflects the change in the cost of living as reported by Statistics Canada in the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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A look back at OMERS 2014 Fall Information Meeting

OMERS Fall Information Meeting, held on October 21, was an opportunity for members and stakeholders to hear from OMERS senior leadership.

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Providing a secure and sustainable pension

In April 2014, seasoned OMERS executive Michael Latimer took the reins as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) following the retirement of Michael Nobrega, in the culmination of a succession-planning process that began in 2010.

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OMERS Board updates

Effective governance makes a difference. It’s critical for a high-performance pension plan and it’s the objective behind recent appointments to the OMERS Boards.

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OMERS enters Boston and Paris real estate markets

The real estate arm of OMERS, Oxford Properties Group (Oxford), recently announced the acquisition of office towers in Boston and Paris. The investments, made on behalf of OMERS, are significant transactions and are directly in line with Oxford’s strategy to diversify globally.

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Returning to work and your OMERS pension

With Canadians living healthier and longer lives than ever before, retirement in the traditional sense is changing. Retirees are exploring new lifestyles and changing how they spend their time. For example, more retirees are choosing to continue to contribute to their local communities by returning to work.

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