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OMERS pensions to increase 1.81% for 2013
Retired Member News - Winter 2012/2013 - Issue 53

OMERS Pensions to Increase 1.81% for 2013

Inflation protection is an important feature of your OMERS pension. OMERS has announced that as of January 2013, pensions will increase by 1.81%. This increase is based on the change in the cost of living as reported by Statistics Canada in the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI).

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Pension Payment Dates for 2013

Receiving your OMERS pension by direct deposit guarantees that your pension payments are deposited on the first banking day of the month.

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Take Pride in the Plan

With the heightened interest in pensions today, you may hear OMERS mentioned by local media or third-party organizations. Here are some facts to clarify what you may have read.

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AVCs - Invest in the OMERS Fund

The Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) option is an investment opportunity available exclusively to OMERS members. AVC contributions are invested in the $55 billion OMERS Fund, enabling participants to benefit from OMERS global investment expertise. The AVC transfer window opens January 1, 2013.

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An "Original" OMERS Member Speaks

After 35 years as an active member, and 15 years as a retired member, Roger Camp reflects on his 50-year experience with OMERS.

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Preparing for Tax Time

By the end of February 2013, OMERS will mail your 2012 pension tax slip to your home address. You should receive your tax slip by early March. Get your tax slip electronically, using myOMERS, and also find out how to have additional tax deducted from your OMERS pension.

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Protecting Membership Information

OMERS protects the personal information we collect on behalf of all active and retired members, their survivors and beneficiaries. This information is never sold to third parties, such as marketers. myOMERS has similar security system measures as those used by online banking.

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Breaking News!

Transfers to an AVC account now available year-round.

More information:

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