Set up an AVC Account

There are two ways to set up an AVC account.


By Mail

Set up your AVC account online through myOMERS, which also gives you safe and secure access to your personal pension information. To get started, login to myOMERS.

Not Registered Yet?

Registering for myOMERS is quick and easy, and comes with many more benefits in addition to AVC account set-up. With myOMERS, you can easily edit your profile, view reports and access helpful retirement planning tools like the Retirement Income Estimator. Sign up for myOMERS

How Can We Help?

If you have questions or need help registering for myOMERS, contact Client Services.

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You can set up an AVC account by completing an AVC registration form.

Automatic Contributions Plan:

Use this form to start, modify or stop automatic contributions to your AVC account.

AVC Transfer Package:

Use this form to transfer funds to your AVC account.


Contact OMERS Client Services.

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