Annual Reporting (e-Form 119) Checklist

October to December

Before you begin your e-Form 119 annual reporting

  • Ensure that you have an e-access account and you log in before January 1
  • Run a Membership Data Extract, run Leave period extract, run Elimination Period Extract 
  • Ensure your data maintenance is complete
    • Enrol any members that should have been enrolled but were not (e-Form 102)
    • Report any outstanding normal retirement age or status changes (e-Form 106)
    • Report any outstanding leave periods (e-Form 165a)
    • Report any unpurchased disability elimination periods (e-Form 164)
    • Report any outstanding disabilities (e-Form 143)
    • Report any outstanding member terminations, retirements, and pre-retirement
      deaths (e-Form 143)
  • Compare contributions remitted to contributions deducted to ensure they balance

January to June

Prepare for your e-Form 119 annual reporting

  • Build your import file using the Import File Builder or create an ASCII file
  • Ensure you have all e-Form 119 data
    • Credited service
    • Contributory earnings
    • RPP/RCA contributions
    • Pension adjustments (PAs) (only required if submitted after Feb 28)
  • Make sure you’ve included retro-payment details (if applicable)  

Do your e-Form 119 annual reporting

  • Import your data into e-access
    • e-Form 119 
    • Retro (if applicable)
  • Submit your data to OMERS
  • Resolve exceptions
  • Reconcile
    • Ensure all e-Form 119 requests have been submitted or deleted
    • Verify contributions reported vs. remitted
    • Generate Pension Reports
    • Select employer contact information
    • Click the green Reconcile button

Post reconciliation

  • Run the Membership Data Extract to obtain PAs (if before Feb 28)
  • Review the ANR125 – Form 119 RPP and RCA Reconciliation Report
    • Short remit on the next monthly remittance to recoup a credit balance (if applicable)
    • Remit funds on the next monthly remittance to pay balance owing (if applicable)


Important Dates

January 1, 2018

  • e-Form 119 functionality available in e-access for submitting 2017 member information.

February 28, 2018

  • All e-Form 119 requests processed by February 28 do not require a PA as OMERS will calculate it for you.
  • Once the data has been validated and posted to the membership records, you can extract the PAs and upload them to your payroll system for completing T4 slips.

March 1, 2018

  • Interest will not be applied if you reconcile before this date.

June 15, 2018

  • OMERS will begin generating any outstanding Pension Reports by turning on the “Generate Pension Reports” indicator in e-access.


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