Contributions, Pension Adjustments and AVC Payroll Deductions

Contributions and Pension Adjustments (Defined Benefit Pension)

OMERS 2017 Contribution Calculator

No more scrolling through PDF pages! Just enter the member's information and OMERS contributions (RPP and RCA) are calculated instantly.

Update February 2017! With the new Multiple Members tab, you can calculate contributions for up to 185 members in a few seconds.

Thank you to the employers who provided their feedback and helped to develop and test the latest feature.

Download Excel 2017 Contribution Calculator
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Contributions from members and employers, together with OMERS investment returns, fund the pensions that members receive.

2017 contribution rates (beginning with the first
full pay in 2017)

Normal retirement age 65

Normal retirement age 60

Up to CPP earnings limit*



Above CPP earnings limit



*The YMPE for 2017 is $55,300 (year's maximum pensionable earnings). This is the earnings limit up to which members also contribute to the Canada Pension Plan.

Pay period deductions/Extra pay period

You must deduct contributions from members' contributory earnings in each pay period.

In a year when a weekly or biweekly payroll has an extra (53rd or 27th) pay period, you can calculate contributions as follows.

If you are using the OMERS 2017 Contribution Calculator:

  • Select "1 annual pay period."
  • Enter the member's annual contributory earnings in the Contributory earnings per pay period field. 
  • Divide the contribution results by 53 or 27.

If you are using contribution tables:

  • Divide the YMPE by 53 or 27 to get the correct YMPE per pay period; or
  • Divide the amount of contributions shown in the 1-pay-period-per-year table by 53 or 27. The variance is within the normal range and will pass our audit tests.

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