About OMERS Forms

  • A suite of e-Forms is available in e-access for many OMERS administration processes. More about e-access.
  •  Typeable PDF forms: open the PDF, complete the typeable sections, print the form, sign it, then fax or mail to OMERS. Typeable forms cannot be saved or sent by e-mail.
  •  Print PDF forms: open the PDF, print the form, complete it manually and sign it, then fax or mail to OMERS.

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Form 101 - Direct Deposit Registration

Register for Royal Bank's National Direct Deposit Service (NDDS) or change your NDDS record.

Form 102 - Enrolling a Member

Enrol an eligible employee in the OMERS plan.
Available in e-access If you are experiencing technical issues with e-access we encourage you to phone Client Services at 416-369-2444 or toll-free at 1-800-387-0813.  
List of unions/associations (member's affiliation)

Form 103 - Waiver of OMERS Membership

Use for an employee who is eligible to enrol in OMERS but declines the offer of membership.

Form 104 - Offer of OMERS Membership – Part-time Employee

Use to offer OMERS membership to an eligible part-time employee for whom participation in OMERS is voluntary.

Form 105 - Contribution Remittance Summary

Use to remit contributions (regular and/or pay schedule) to OMERS.
Available in e-access

Form 106 - Changing Member Information

Use to change member information.
Available in e-access
List of unions/associations (member's affiliation)

Form 109A - Employer Contact Information

Use this form to provide OMERS with your employer contact information.

Form 109B - Updating Employer Information

Use this form to provide OMERS with your updated employer contact information.

Form 131 - Request for a Supplementary Agreement or Amendment

Use to request or change Type 1, Optional Service or Type 3 - Permanent Partial Disability coverage.

Form 143 - Request for an OMERS Plan Benefit

Use to request an OMERS plan benefit when a member terminates employment, becomes disabled, retires or dies.
Available in e-access

Form 147 - Medical Report - OMERS Total Disability Benefits

Completed by the member and doctor(s) for disability benefit requests.

Form 148 - Forfeiting Rights to Disability Benefits

Completed by a member to give up rights to an OMERS disability benefit.

Form 152 - Notice of Rehabilitative Work

Use to notify OMERS of a member who is returning, or has returned, to rehabilitative work.

Form 158 - Employment Change/Benefit Request

Use to report a change in employment status or to request an OMERS plan benefit for a member on a disability waiver of contribution.

Form 164 - Disability Elimination Period

Use this form to administer and report disability elimination periods.
Available in e-access

Form 165 - Leave Period Reporting/Election

Use to report a leave period and/or member's purchase election.
Available in e-access

Form 167 - Omission Period Application

Request a cost for the period an eligible employee should have been enrolled in OMERS.

Form 168 - Proof of Eligible Service

Use to confirm a member has eligible service in the OMERS plan.

Form 170 - Confirmation of Eligible Service for Firefighters

Use to confirm a firefighter is other-than-continuous full-time (OTCFT) and has eligible service in the OMERS plan.

Form 171 - Optional Service Cost Request

Please use this form only if you are a current OMERS employer with a Supplementary Agreement that includes optional service and you wish to request a cost for the service.

Form 181 - Divestment Information Form - Employer

Use to provide details of a divestment.

Form 182 - Divestment Information Form - Member

Use for a member transferring to a new employer/enrolling in another pension plan due to a divestment.

Form 183 - Divested OMERS member (notice of member event)

Use this form when a divested OMERS member terminates employment, retires or dies.

Form 190 - Request for a Pension Estimate

Request an estimate for a normal or early retirement pension or a disability pension.
Available in e-access

Form 407 – AVC Employer Payroll Deduction Direct Deposit (NDDS) Registration Form

Use to register for NDDS or to change your information for AVC employer payroll deduction payments.

Form 408 – AVC Employer Payroll Deduction Election Form

Use to register your organization to provide your employees who are OMERS members with the option to make automatic contributions to an AVC account through payroll deduction.

Form 409 – AVC Employer Payroll Deduction Contact Form

Use to add or remove registered contacts in your organization who are authorized to receive the monthly AVC Employer Payroll Deduction Report.

Employed OMERS Retiree Election Form

Use to record a retired member's enrolment election.

Direction to Administrator

Pension Benefits Act (PBA) required form for locked-in commuted value transfers.

T2033 - Direct Transfer

CRA form required for a transfer to OMERS from an RRSP or LIRA.

T2151 - Direct Transfer

CRA required form for a transfer from OMERS to an RRSP, LIRA or registered pension plan (RPP).

TD1 – Personal Tax Credits Return

CRA federal and provincial forms for personal tax credits return.
Canada Revenue Agency's forms
TD1 Déclaration des crédits d'impôt personnels