Request an Information Session for Your Members

Complete the form below to have an OMERS representative contact you about setting up an OMERS information session and/or one-on-one meetings for your staff.

Topics covered during the information session are suitable for all OMERS members, regardless of age or years of service, and include the following:

  • How your OMERS pension is calculated
  • How the OMERS bridge benefit works
  • How your OMERS pension is protected from inflation
  • How the OMERS Fund is performing
  • How buying or transferring service can increase your future pension and may help you retire sooner
  • How Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) work
  • How OMERS survivor benefit entitlement is determined

A minimum number of attendees may be required. There is no maximum number of attendees, provided all are comfortably accommodated.

Information sessions are offered to our employers free of charge.

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