How Do AVCs Work?

AVCs are part of the OMERS Primary Pension Plan, but are separate from your defined benefit pension.

Contribution Options

You can contribute to an AVC account in two ways: automatic contributions and fund transfers. Learn about your contribution options

Automatic Contribution Limits

The limits affect the amount that you can contribute via pre-authorized debit or payroll deduction – they do not apply to transfers from a registered retirement vehicle. Learn about automatic contribution limits

Fees and Expenses

OMERS does not make money from AVCs. AVCs are offered on a cost-recovery basis.  Learn more about fees and expenses

Investment Strategy, Performance

When you contribute to an AVC account, you’re investing in the OMERS Fund. Learn more about the investment strategy and performance

Withdrawal Options

When considering the AVC option, it’s important to understand how and when you can withdraw funds from an AVC account.  Understand your withdrawal options

Your Pension, AVCs and RRSP Room

Find out how your OMERS pension and AVCs factor into your RRSP room 

 AVC Guide

Want to learn about AVCs? Our quiz can make it clearer. Learn More.