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Member News - Fall 2016 - Issue 102

"I rely on OMERS pension and the Client Services team"

Watch the story of Sandra, who was widowed suddenly with a young family. See how OMERS provided survivor benefits and how Client Services supported her through this difficult time.

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Watch Sandra’s Story

Meeting your needs with the Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) Income Option

We are always listening to members and working to meet your needs. A recent example is the new AVC Income Option. We introduced this because members asked for an option to leave funds in their AVC accounts beyond age 71.

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OMERS invests in the Port of Melbourne, Australia

OMERS makes its first major investment in Australia.

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Test your knowledge: Who receives an OMERS pension benefit if you pass away?

Who receives your OMERS pension if you die? The person who receives your OMERS survivor benefit is set out in the law and in the OMERS Plan, although it is important that you understand these rules and look after your estate planning accordingly. A common-law spouse, a legally married spouse, children or your designated beneficiary can be entitled to survivor benefits, depending on the circumstances. To find out more, take our quiz or learn more in the “What Happens to Your Pension When You Die” section of the Member Handbook.

Test Your Knowledge

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