Governance Manual, Policies and Guidelines

Here is an overview of key policies and guidelines for OMERS, including Investments, Members, Employers etc., where policies have been approved by the OAC Board or its standing committees or where plan members would benefit from understanding how our policies impact how we conduct our business.

Governance Manual

The Governance Manual is our public summary of the governance structure that the OAC Board has put in place to manage the pension plans and the investment funds. It sets out in writing how the OAC Board and its committees govern and oversee the plans and interact with our management team, all with a view to providing OMERS with a effective, efficient and accountable governance structure. 


Protection of personal information is a key responsibility, especially with a plan the size of OMERS. The OAC Privacy Statement describes how we collect, use, retain and, where necessary, dispose of the personal information in the administration of the OMERS Plan. We take this responsibility very seriously. 

OMERS Dispute Resolution Process for Benefit Entitlements

OMERS Administration Corporation (OAC) administers the OMERS Pension Plans in accordance with their governing terms and applicable legislation. In its role as OMERS fiduciary, OAC also ensures that Plan members are treated consistently and fairly.

If Plan members or employers ever have questions about current OMERS Plan provisions, OAC employees are available to help. Contact OMERS Member Services. If, however, members or employers wish to pursue their concerns or issues about OMERS benefit entitlements further, OMERS has a Dispute Resolution Process. 


OMERS Enterprise strives to provide services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. We are committed to giving members with disabilities the same opportunity to access our services in the same place and in a similar way as others. Our Enterprise Accessibility Policy sets out the principles for how we provide member services and interacts with people with disabilities. For more information, please see the Accessibility Policy and Report.

OMERS Tax Strategy

Find out more about the OMERS Tax Strategy, which applies to all OMERS businesses across all locations where we operate.