This e-access feature lets you send and receive e-Form correspondence through a secure web channel. Use it to ask a question about any e-Form, or to provide follow-up information requested by OMERS.

What you send through e-Correspondence

• May be specific to an e-access form.
• May be specific to a member.
• Is secure, for sending a member’s personal/financial information.
• Can be viewed by any of your e-access users – so you don’t have to worry about being away from the office.

When you should use e-Correspondence

• To ask for assistance interpreting an error or warning that is preventing you from submitting an e-Form.
• To provide additional information in response to a follow-up question from OMERS.
• To request corrections to member records that you can’t send through an e-Form.
• To advise of retro pay for terminated or retired members

When you shouldn’t use e-Correspondence

• For general administration or business questions. Continue to send these to us using employer@omers.com.
• For an e-access password reset or to discuss any technical issue you are having with e-access, call OMERS Employer Services.

Note: e-Correspondence replaces mail, email or phone follow-ups, which greatly speeds up the processing of your e-Form requests. You can communicate directly – back and forth – with OMERS until a particular issue is resolved.

Accessing e-Correspondence

There are four ways you can access e-Correspondence:
1. From the e-access homepage
Click the e-Correspondence link in the left-hand menu. This will take you to an e-Correspondence landing page that lists all your unread e-Correspondence for all e-access forms.

2. From the e-access top menu
Click the e-Correspondence tab.

Selecting View unresolved takes you to the landing page that lists all your unresolved e-Correspondence.

From here, there are a number of things you can do, including creating, reading and searching for messages.

3. From your Dashboard landing page
Here, you’ll find a list of all your unread e-Correspondence related to the e-Form 119.

4. From within any e-Form request
When you’re viewing a request, click Create e-Correspondence to initiate a new subject and send a message to OMERS.

Using e-Correspondence

From the e-Correspondence tab on the e-access top menu, there are a number of things you can do, including creating, reading and searching for messages.


To create a new message:

• Click Create new subject. The new message screen appears.

• Select your Contact from the drop-down menu.
• Select your Category from the drop-down menu.
• Enter your Subject.
Look up a member – this helps to specify which member your message refers to and forms part of their permanent record.
• Enter the details of your Message – be specific to reduce follow-ups.
• When you’re done, select Post message to send the message to OMERS. A screen advising you that the message has been posted appears to confirm your message was sent successfully.

A screen advising you that the message has been posted appears to confirm your message was sent successfully.

To view unresolved messages:

Click View unresolved to see all of your unresolved messages, including those that OMERS has sent to you.

Your e-Correspondence appears in “pages”. A page displays up to 200 messages and can extend beyond your viewing screen. Simply scroll down to see the rest. If you have more than 200 messages, there will be more than one page to view.

To read a message…

Click on its link in the Subject column to open the message.

After reading it, you can continue the subject by posting a reply to provide us with additional information or ask another related question.

Note: e-Correspondence is a two-way communication medium. Please check e-correspondence frequently – in case we’ve sent you a message or a response to your message.

To close a subject:

Once you have all the information you need from us or we’ve notified you that an issue has been addressed, you can close the subject by clicking Resolve and exit within the message. This lets us know that the issue has now been closed.

Note: If OMERS initiated the subject, then only OMERS will be able to resolve the subject

To search for a subject:

To easily find the types of e-Correspondence you want listed, click Search to specify your search criteria. You can search by: status, category, contact, and/or date posted. You can also search for all subjects related to a specific member using Search for one member.

When you’ve selected your search criteria and clicked Search, all messages that match your criteria will be listed.

e-Correspondence categories

You can easily see the status of a subject by viewing status column to the left of the subject. There is also a legend indicating what each icon means.

Unread messages – messages sent to you by OMERS

Read messages (unreplied) – messages sent to you by OMERS that you have not yet replied to or resolved

Awaiting reply from OMERS – messages that you have sent to OMERS but have not yet received a reply

Resolved – messages that have been addressed and are now closed

Resolved but unread – messages resolved by OMERS that you have not read

Quick tips

• Frequently log in to check for new messages.
• Communicate clearly, providing full details.
• Send a separate message for each member and each issue.
• Resolve and exit.


We’re here to help. Please contact OMERS Employer Services.