Are AVCs Right for You?

At OMERS, we believe AVCs offer an attractive option to build additional retirement savings. However, what we believe is not as important as what you decide is best for you. The AVC option is voluntary and may not be right for everyone's retirement savings plans or life stage.

AVCs are likely most suitable for members with:

  • Interest in investing in a balanced, diversified global fund
  • Mid-to-long-term investment horizon (five to 15 years)
  • Moderate risk tolerance (OMERS Fund has an annual average rate of return of 8.24% over the last 10 years, but there is potential for negative return (loss) in any given year).
  • Adequate cash flow

Not sure if the AVC option is right for you? We have tools to help you decide.

Self-assessment quiz

Take this five-minute quiz – it’s a great way to assess your understanding of AVCs.

Take the self-assessment quiz

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Ready to get started?

Set up an AVC account

An AVC account is an attractive option available exclusively to OMERS members, but it may not fit everyone’s investment plan, risk tolerance, cash-flow situation or stage of life.

  • AVC Fact Sheet .pdf

  • AVC Guide .pdf

  • Terms of Participation .pdf