Your Contributions

You will contribute a percentage of your earnings to help pay for your future pension. Your employer will also contribute an equal amount. These contributions will fund a portion of your pension. Investment earnings of the OMERS Fund will fund the balance.

Your contributions to the OMERS Plan lower your taxable income. Amounts you contribute to buy a leave period or past service may also lower your taxable income.
Contributions are lower on salary up to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) earnings limit, and higher on any salary above the CPP earnings limit.

To keep the Plan fully funded, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation periodically adjusts contribution rates. See OMERS current contribution rates.

Notes: Your pension is immediately “locked-in” when you join the OMERS Plan – you immediately begin to earn a pension and become entitled to a benefit. When your pension is “locked-in” you must use it for future retirement income and you cannot cash out the value of your pension or your contributions, except in very rare cases. When you leave your employer, retire or if you die before your pension starts, the 50% Rule refund test is applied and any excess contributions will be refunded.