How Much Money Will I Need for Retirement?

Retirement Expense Estimator

Many people don’t know how much money they will need for retirement. Seeing what your expenses may be after retirement can help you plan to retire the way you want.

  • Understand what your current expenses are.
  • See what your future expenses after retirement may be.
  • Log into myOMERS and compare your expenses to your pension income.

Retirement Income Estimator

The Retirement Income Estimator at myOMERS provides you with an estimate based on your personal information.

Your milestone dates (your early and normal retirement dates) are provided for you, or you can pick other dates you have in mind. You can also take your estimate a step further and add in income from personal savings, CPP and OAS, and then get a snapshot of your estimated net (after tax) income before and after retirement.
The Retirement Income Estimator produces exactly the same estimate that you would get if you requested one by contacting OMERS or your employer – and it takes just a few minutes!

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