Step 1 – Apply for a Statement of Family Law Value (FLV)

Deciding whether or not to divide your pension assets is an important decision. To begin this decision-making process, you may be required to obtain a valuation of your pension benefits (known as a Family Law Valuation).

To apply for a Statement of FLV, please complete a FSCO Family Law Form 1 - Application for Family Law Value on the FSCO website and send it to OMERS.

Here's how to complete Part B of the form:

Part B of Form

Check your FSCO forms carefully before sending to OMERS!

Print the Top 5 Reasons for Delays and use it as a checklist.

Make sure you’ve included all the required documents listed in Part G of FSCO family Law Form 1. For example, most applications require a FSCO Family Law Form 2 - Joint Declaration of Period of Spousal Relationship.

Step 1 FAQs