Offering OMERS membership to employees

May 01, 2015

Do you have other-than-continuous full-time employees who are not enrolled in the OMERS Plan as a condition of employment? Did you know that you must offer membership to these employees when you know they first become eligible?

Failure to offer membership can result in an omission period, which can be expensive for employers. The employer pays the employer's share of the missed contributions plus the interest accrued on both employer and employee contributions.

Previous employment or a part-time job with another OMERS employer could help these employees become eligible – they may even be eligible when hired. As part of your hiring process, you should ask new hires about any previous employer or part-time work with another OMERS employer and document their response.

We've created some new tools including a handout and poster to encourage your new employees to tell you about employment with another OMERS employer. We need your help to ensure these communications are easily available to your employees.

  • Handout for new hires .pdf

  • Poster for ongoing education and awareness .pdf

Find out more at Offering OMERS Membership – you can print copies of the poster and handout for new hires, and there's a link to a list of OMERS employers if the employee needs to confirm their previous employer was an OMERS employer.

If you have questions about offering membership, see Section 6 of the OMERS Employer Administration Manual or contact Client Services.