Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are responsible for facilitating the effective and efficient performance of the committee. 

Key responsibilities and duties include:

  • Calling of meetings
  • Presiding at meetings
  • Approving upcoming meeting agendas and ensuring members’ informational needs are met
  • Inviting non-members to attend meetings with the approval or upon the direction of a majority of the members
  • Commencing the meeting by taking the chair and calling the members to order as soon as a quorum is present
  • Announcing the business before the members and the order in which it is to be acted upon
  • Receiving and submitting, in proper manner, all motions presented by the members
  • Ensuring the Procedural Meeting Guidelines of the SC are followed during the course of the meeting 
  • Fostering a constructive environment and tone during meetings
  • Ensuring full participation by all Committee members 
  • Focusing discussion, ensuring time is used effectively and efficiently 
  • Building consensus on issues before the committee
  • Ensuring appropriate and effective division of work between the committee and management
  • Maintaining order and appropriate meeting decorum
  • Where it is not possible to maintain order, to adjourn or suspend the meeting to a time specified by Committee Chair, without any motion being put forth
  • Concluding the meeting when the business is completed or upon a motion to conclude
  • Carrying out the appropriate committee functions described in By-Law No. 9
  • Permitting any question to be asked (through the chair(s)) of any SC employee in order to provide information to assist any debate