Considering the options

Making OMERS a leading model for DB plan sustainability

Our analysis confirms that the current OMERS design will become more vulnerable to adverse circumstances over time – including potential market downturns and a declining membership. It becomes extremely difficult to keep the Plan both affordable and meaningful from one generation to the next when the Plan is becoming more mature.

As the Plan matures, there will simply be less and less capacity to absorb negative events without resorting to significant contribution increases, benefit cuts or both. These realities leave the Board with three reasonable options:


1. Keep the current Plan design, but    increase contribution levels over time

Future members will pay more than current and retired members for the same benefits

2. Keep contributions at current levels, but reduce benefits over time

Future members will pay the same as current members – but for a less valuable and secure plan

3. Design a new plan that balances benefit and contribution levels (current and future)

Provide a sustainable, meaningful and affordable plan design – without favouring one generation over another


These three options will be considered in detail as part of the upcoming modeling process. In all three cases, the goal is to:

  • Preserve (and potentially enhance) those benefits that are most meaningful to the majority of members.
  • Simplify and streamline the design where it makes sense to do so.
  • ​Ensure that future generations are treated fairly.

The Comprehensive Plan Review is not about cutting benefits. Just the opposite. It’s about providing the best benefits we can, given the emerging pension landscape.

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