Making fully informed decisions

After months of planning, discussion and analysis, the SC Board has begun modeling – and prioritizing – potential plan changes. Using sophisticated software applications, the Board is working with their advisors to model a wide range of permutations and combinations in real-time.

This modeling will allow the Board to test the potential impact that various plan changes could have on Plan sustainability over time – and under a range of scenarios. As communicated previously, three real-time modeling sessions will be conducted:

In keeping with the timelines established for the OMERS SC Plan Change Process, the Board will vote on any proposed changes at its June 2018 meeting.

Next steps

To enhance the planning process, the SC Board has approved a formal engagement plan that will involve direct outreach to sponsors, unions, employers and members over the next few months. This formal outreach will help to establish a meaningful dialogue – and to give affected parties a voice in the process. It should also help us collect important data that could influence the decisions, if any, made by the SC Board in June.