Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions

February 03, 2009

In November 2006, the Ontario Government established the Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions, chaired by Harry Arthurs, to review Ontario's occupational pension system. Working together, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) and OMERS Administration Corporation (OAC) developed a submission entitled "Closing the Gap between Pension Regulation and Best Practices."

The Commission, working with its expert advisors, reviewed many submissions. In November 2008, the Commission released a 224-page report, "A Fine Balance" (Executive Summary available below)

Interested parties were provided with an opportunity to respond to the recommendations contained in the report, and in February of 2009, the SC and OAC submitted a joint response, "Turning Recommendation into Action".

  • Closing the Gap between pension regulation and best practices (789.0 KB)

  • A Fine Balance Executive Summary (239.0 KB)

  • Turning Recommendations into Actions (470.0 KB)