2020 Strategic Plan: Driving Plan Sustainability

The four pillars of the strategy. Protect our funded status. Deliver 7-11% net average annual investment returns. Build quality relationships. Evolve our capabilities and business model.

Our Vision for 2020 is to make OMERS a leading model for defined benefit pension plan sustainability. Our Strategy, which sets out a five-year roadmap, is advancing OMERS toward our Vision.

This Strategy recognizes challenges facing OMERS in the coming years, including:

• a maturing Plan, as the number of retired members increases relative to contributing members

• a challenging investment environment

• an evolving pension landscape, as retirement security remains a priority for governments.

Our Goals are to achieve full funding and protect the Plan from market volatility, with stable and predictable contribution rates and benefit levels.

Update on the 2020 Strategy

Our Annual Report provides an update on the progress that we have made on our 2020 Strategy.