How We Invest

OMERS investment strategies cover a diverse range of assets in public and private markets, ensuring solid returns that help fund OMERS pensions.

Public investments

Our public investments include fixed income securities inflation-linked bonds, government bonds and credit, along with public equities.

Private investments

Our private investments, through holdings in infrastructure, private equity and real estate are selected specifically for their ability to provide more predictable returns and cash flows compared to assets that may be exposed to greater market volatility.

Major investments

As at December 31, 2016
 Major investments 2016 Fair Value
($ millions)
Fixed Income Investments 28,212
Inflation-Linked Bonds 5,246
Public Equity 16,488
Private Equity 10,981
Infrastructure Investments 17,544
Real Estate Investments 25,594

Proxy voting

OMERS exercises its proxy votes thoughtfully and in keeping with our investing strategy.