Building Quality Relationships

Our relationships with members, employers, sponsors, unions and associations are important to us. We strive for strong member and employer satisfaction as we work to support an increasing number of our members transitioning into retirement.
Member satisfaction
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Serving our members is an important focus for OMERS. We understand the value of a high service standard as our members make important decisions. Our member satisfaction measure reflects feedback on services received, whether working through a benefit application or speaking with an OMERS representative.

Average annual OMERS pension for members who retired in 2017
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Member Information sessions held
The most convenient and readily available access for members to obtain their pension information is through myOMERS, our member online portal. In 2017, more than 196,000 members (41%) were able to use myOMERS to update their profile information and access their annual statement online. The Retirement Income Estimator on myOMERS was used to produce more than 132,000 pension estimates to help members with their retirement planning.

Retirement decisions can involve many questions and often require personalized support. OMERS provides a variety of communication vehicles and options for addressing member questions relating to their pension. OMERS continues to encourage members to take advantage of the convenience of receiving important Plan updates and information through e-subscription. Not only is this efficient, electronic record-keeping for members, it is an environmentally friendly option that enables us to reduce our use of paper and saves the Plan money.

During 2017, the Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) program continued to grow steadily. The AVC program provides the opportunity for members to build their pension through additional contributions that earn the OMERS net rate of return. Participants are benefiting from OMERS returns at a low cost relative to other retail retirement savings options.

Employers were satisfied with the support they received from OMERS
Member webinars hosted

In June, five Plan changes were approved, including adjustments to the availability of commuted values and buy-backs, access to pensions by dual members, Plan membership for international workers, and technical amendments to the Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) Income Option. These changes are subtle, but important – balancing the needs of affected members with the needs of the whole Plan membership.

These changes include transition measures that will give affected members time to adjust. Further details are available here.

Employers play an important role in the Plan, partnering with OMERS to administer pension benefits for members and matching members’ contributions. We strive to keep employers informed on key strategic and administration matters.

During 2017, OMERS senior management met directly with more than 60 employers across the province. We discussed OMERS 2020 Strategy, funded status, investments, workforce trends, Plan demographics and pension administration, and we asked for feedback on our progress. These meetings provide critical input toward our efforts of continuous improvement.

OMERS enhanced its service model and support for employers in a number of ways. We created a focused Employer Support Services team to assist with the most complex employer questions, and launched new e-learning and e-tutoring offerings.

We also continued to offer webinars and learning forums, which were well-attended with 2,800 participants.

As a number of Plan administrators are approaching retirement, OMERS is ready to support new Plan administrators get quickly up to speed on OMERS administration matters, using a number of tools and approaches to suit different needs.

During 2017, OMERS held meetings with sponsor organizations. We also had sessions with unions, associations and other groups of members. These meetings provide an opportunity to achieve a deeper understanding of important issues, to build stronger relationships, and to further partner in connecting with members.

Following OMERS SC announcement of a Comprehensive Plan Review being led by the SC, a Sponsors Forum was held in November to discuss more about the Plan. We are open to all views, concerns and ideas.

Members provided with buy-back options
Total number of members in AVC program
$817 million
Total AVC member account balances
$20 million
Converted to AVC income option