Meeting Summary

Investment Committee – August 14, 2018

Temporary Adjustment to SIP&P Fixed Income Lower Limit

As part of the discussion on amending the policy limit in the OMERS Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures for the Primary Plan (SIP&P) to reduce the minimum strategic asset allocation for Fixed Income from 25% to 20% of OMERS net assets, the Investment Committee was also asked to consider approving corresponding changes to the Fixed Income Asset Class Limits and Thresholds in the Investment Risk Policy (IRP). This would ensure consistency between the SIP&P and the IRP. Changes to the IRP are within the Committee’s delegated authority.

Following discussion, the Investment Committee approved the amended Fixed Income Asset Class Limits and Thresholds, effective August 17, 2018.

Additional Transaction

The Investment Committee also considered an additional pending investment transaction; however, due to legal and contractual reasons, the decision is required to be kept confidential.