Sustainable Investing

OMERS believes that the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors is consistent with its objective to meet long-term payment obligations to members. We believe that companies that incorporate ESG factors into their business practices are more likely to be resilient and create value over the long term.

Our approach to sustainable investing relies on three strategies: integration, engagement and collaboration. We believe these strategies are proactive ways to manage ESG risks over the long term. We evaluate each investment opportunity on whether it will allow us to meet our responsibility to provide our members with secure pensions.

We consider ESG factors in investment decision making processes and asset- management practices, on a case-by case basis, where relevant, as such factors could have a material impact on investment performance.
We encourage responsible corporate behaviour through direct engagement with the public and private companies in which we invest. We also engage with companies by exercising voting rights consistent with our proxy voting guidelines.
We collaborate with like-minded investors and international organizations to exchange information and advocate for better transparency and performance on ESG factors.