e-Form 119 Checklist

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have an e-access account and you log in before January 1

  • Run a Membership Data Extract
  • Ensure your data maintenance is complete
    • Enrol any members that should have been enrolled but were not (e-Form 102)
    • Report any outstanding normal retirement age or status changes (e-Form 106)
    • Report any outstanding leave periods (e-Form 165a)
    • Report any unpurchased disability elimination periods (e-Form 164)
    • Report any outstanding disabilities (e-Form 143)
    • Report any outstanding member terminations, retirements, and pre-retirement 
      deaths (e-Form 143)
  • Compare contributions remitted to contributions deducted to ensure they balance

January to June

Prepare for your e-Form 119 reporting

  • Build your import file using the Import File Builder or create an ASCII file

  • Ensure you have all e-Form 119 data
    • Credited service
    • Contributory earnings
    • RPP/RCA contributions
    • Pension adjustments (PAs) (only required if submitted after Feb 28)
  • Make sure you’ve included retro-payment details (if applicable)  

Do your e-Form 119 reporting

  • Import your data into e-access

    • e-Form 119 
    • Retro (if applicable)
  • Submit your data to OMERS
  • Resolve exceptions
  • Reconcile
    • Ensure all e-Form 119 requests have been submitted or deleted
    • Verify contributions reported vs. remitted
    • Generate Pension Reports
    • Select employer contact information
    • Click the green Reconcile button
    • Call OMERS Employer Services if you are having trouble with reconciling

Post reconciliation

  • Run the Membership Data Extract to obtain PAs (if before Feb 28)

  • Review the ANR125 – Form 119 RPP and RCA Reconciliation Report
    • Short remit on the next monthly remittance to recoup a credit balance (if applicable)
    • Remit funds on the next monthly remittance to pay balance owing (if applicable)

We're here to help!

Contact OMERS Employer Services if you need help with any of the steps.