OMERS Scores High in International Benchmarking Study

December 03, 2013

CEM Benchmarking gives OMERS high marks for pension service in an international study of 63 peer plans from around the world.

CEM Benchmarking Inc. is an independent research firm that conducts an annual evaluation of pension plans in Canada, the US and Europe.

Based on CEM's recently released report of 2012 results, OMERS total service score was 85 out of 100, compared to a peer medium of 76. The high mark is due to strong performance in the following areas: website; one-on-one counseling; webinars, and reduced telephone wait times.

OMERS also showed industry leadership for high productivity while maintaining lower than average administration costs as compared to its peer plans. For example, data shows that cost savings have been realized through the efficient management of member communication and processing member service requests, for example, pension estimates.

The CEM study confirms that we are providing exceptional service to our members while keeping costs down, says Jennifer Brown, Chief Pension Officer. "Everything we do is about focusing on our members and we will continue to look for innovative ways to maximize efficiencies and deliver the full value of the pension promise."