What are the easiest, greenest and fastest ways to remit contributions to OMERS?

July 01, 2016
Electronic funds transfer or direct deposit. Both options are easy, fast and environmentally friendly.

Why make the switch to electronic funds transfer or direct deposit?

  • It's safe, secure and you don't have to waste your time cutting and mailing cheques. 
  • OMERS receives the funds immediately, so you can wait until the due date to remit.
  • The risk of incurring interest charges due to Canada Post delays is eliminated.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

  • We provide you with our banking information and you deposit the money into our account, using your own Internet banking software.
  • For more information or to register, send an email to penacc@omers.com stating that you want to switch your remittance method from cheque to EFT. Please include your name, mailing address, phone and fax number in the email.
  • Within three business days, we will provide you with an authorization letter containing our banking information.
  • OMERS does not charge for this service, but we recommend that you ask your financial institution about possible service charges.

National Direct Deposit Service (NDDS)

  • Payment is done by telephone and you receive a confirmation number upon completion.
  • To register, please complete and return Form 101 – Direct Deposit Registration
  • We will forward your completed form to the Royal Bank, who will send you a package with instructions and confirm your enrolment.
  • There is no cost to use this service, and you do not need to bank with the Royal Bank.