Employer News 65 - Summer 2017

July 01, 2017
Daryl omers employer
Helping members understand the value of their pension
Daryl Novak, the recently retired Director of Operations for the Southern Ontario Library Service, talks about helping members understand the value of OMERS. Watch Daryl’s story
No changes to OMERS contribution rates in 2018
In early 2017, OMERS Sponsors Corporation confirmed that there will be no changes to contribution rates in 2018. More about contribution rates
What’s your OMERS admin IQ?
See how well you do on a short quiz for OMERS administrators. Take our quiz
Encourage your members to sign up for myOMERS and e-subscription
We need your help in promoting myOMERS and e-subscription. (Only 10% of our members have signed up for e-subscription.) Be a myOMERS advocate
The best year ever with 98% of employers already in – thank you!
As at June 30, 2017, 98% of employers – representing 99.7% of our active members – have completed their 2016 e-Form 119 annual reporting. Read more, including facts and notable mentions