Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) returned 9.5% in 2012

February 22, 2013
On February 22, OMERS announced its 2012 results and the annual rate of return was applied to AVC accounts. Funds in an AVC account earn the OMERS Fund rate of return, which for 2012 is 10.03%, less investment management expenses, which for 2012 are 0.53%*. 

AVCs are part of the OMERS Primary Pension Plan (OMERS Plan), but are separate from the OMERS defined benefit pension. You must be a member of the OMERS Plan to contribute to an AVC account. 

There are two ways to contribute to an AVC account: 

1. Transfer funds from a registered retirement savings vehicle (such as an RRSP) to an AVC account. 
2. Automatic contributions through pre-authorized debit (active members only).

* In addition, an annual administration fee is applied to AVC accounts, which was $23 for 2012. The fee for 2013 is $35.