OMERS is doing better than any other major pension plan.

Despite our strong investment returns in the past few years, we continue to lag our peer plans when it comes to full financial health. 

Here are the facts: 

  • Last year (2017) was a successful year for OMERS. Our net return for the year was an excellent 11.5%, which increased our total net assets to about $95-billion. That’s obviously positive news.
  • Despite the recent results, we still haven’t recovered fully from the 2008 market meltdown. Ten years later, we have a funding shortfall of about $5.4-billion – and the highest contribution rates in our history.
  • Like all major pension plans, we also face a number of realities or headwinds – including plan maturity, improved life expectancy, the prospect of a decreasing membership, and challenging financial markets – that will impact our financial position in the coming years.
MYTH #3 - If conditional indexing is adopted, indexing will only be provided if the Plan is fully funded or in surplus.
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